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Anonymous asked: what do you think of grubber? i have a little crush on him

Siiiiigh, didn’t I already answer this? My mind hasn’t changed. Grubber seems too damn nice to be a Slytherin, and a Slytherin among the Gangreen Gang no less. He lets those damn Copular brothers walk all over him, and that Snake too, now that he’s back. 

If I were you, I would nip that crush right in the bud. Grubber comes with baggage galore. Unless you like the idea of your boyfriend answering to his three boyfriends before you.

-The Mighty and Always Right Q

Anonymous asked: What do you think of Sharon?

Hands down, I think she’s the nicest person at Hogwarts thus far. With that being said though, girls can’t be that nice. I think the girl’s hiding something. Wouldn’t be surprised if she had a mean streak in her that could compete with the combined forces of the Gangrene Gang, Plutonium boys, Amoeba Boys, Fuzzy…. damn we have a lot of jerks at this school.

And I can’t wait to see what Sharon does to become one of them.


You and Bugs both.


….what’s wrong with me? 


Oooh honey…

Anonymous asked: What do you think of the new comers?

Grubber: This kid needs some self-bloody-confidence. How does he think he’s ever going to get what he wants when he’s letting the Copular brothers walk all over him?

Arturo: Is a playa, and quite the breath of fresh air from his can’t make a move brother. Enough said.

Judy: Seems like another snarky, snooty, quick to judge Ravenclaw. Bet she’s the type to like a ridiculous sounding coffee and poetry slam, too.

Mandy: My sources say she’s all talk. Ha, hear the girl can hex as well as Billy. Oops, did I say that?

Blossom: She may be the leader of her and her three sisters, but looks like Buttercup’s planning a mutiny. Didn’t take her too long to ask Brick for a meetup, now did it? What do you think those two were up to in the bathroom… 

Brick: Has talked to Blossom more than his own brothers, it seems. That says enough about the boy.

Pinky: Ooooh, honey. That is all I can say about this poor girl.

Cindy: Needs to loooosen up. I bet those Rowdyruff Boys would be willing to show her a good time.

GIR: Is obviously another high-on Hufflepuff. Like we didn’t have enough of them already.

That’s all for now, snitches.


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